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“You only have what you give away.”




Our Montessori Work: Children’s Open House
Saturday, September 26, 2020 9-11 am
Saturday, March 13, 2021 9-11 am

Twice during the school year you will be invited to a parent-child Open House. On these dates, our school will be open between 9-11:00 am. These mornings allow you to come to school with your child in an open house setting. This is a wonderful opportunity for your child to be the teacher and give you lessons on what (s)he has been learning. The teachers will be present, but this is truly a time for you to interact with your child in the classroom and see those brilliant Montessori materials in action. The children are always so proud to show you their work!

Fall Family Fun Day
We’ll spend the afternoon painting pumpkins, making crafts and enjoying one another’s company on our new school grounds!  Com join the FUN!
Friday, October 19, 2019

Field Trips

Conner Prairie (postponed)
Thursday, September 17, 2020 

Indianapolis Museum of Art
Thursday, January 28, 2021

IMA Community Social Outreach
Saturday, November 7, 2020 9-11:00 am

Each year our IMA families come together to support a charity or service our community. In the past we have supported the following charities:

  • A Book Drive for Exodus
  • Sponsored a Family in Need through Riley Children’s Hospital
  • Coin Drive and Monetary Support for the Alzheimer’s Association and Project Sunshine in honor of the Buskirk and McCray Families of IMA.
  • Coin and Food Drive for the Merciful Help Center
  • Coin and Donation Drive for the American Red Cross in honor of hurricane victims

On the day of the event, our IMA students, siblings, parents and other loved ones decorate cookies, make a craft together and we all enjoy one another’s company for a great cause! Children have such genuine and caring hearts! We strongly believe instilling the gifts of generosity, service and charity into your young child’s mind is a benefit learned at an early age and will continue throughout his/her life! Whether you’re able to make a contribution or not, please come and spend some time with our IMA family. You make being part of this amazing group so much fun, and the children always love to see one another at school events. Come join us!

Valentine’s Day Tea
Friday, February 12, 2021 2:00 pm

At IMA we traditionally host a Valentine’s Day Tea to celebrate the day. In the Primary classrooms we do not exchange Valentine’s cards, treats or gifts. It is difficult for the young child to create his or her own Valentine’s and then subsequently ask the child to ‘give away’ his/her work. Instead, we will host a special Valentine’s Tea where invitations will be sent to you (as the parents) to join us. We will bake special treats with the children and enjoy having you as our guests. The children truly love this annual event! In the Elementary, children create hand-made Valentines to share. They also celebrate the day with a special dessert!

Field Day
Friday, May 14, 2021 9:00-11:00 am

What is Field Day? We journey outside for a morning of outdoor games and activities. The children are divided into teams with the Elementary children leading them through the course of events such as a water balloon toss, an obstacle course, relay races and even a pit stop at the homemade popsicle station! It’s a terrific way to enjoy the May weather and the end-of-school excitement!

End of School Picnic
Thursday, May 26, 2021 12-2:00 pm

We love to end the school year with a simple potluck picnic as we send you off to celebrate summer!

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Montessori Education and Philosophy


“Learning is the only thing the mind never exhausts, never fears, and never regrets.”


Version 2The Montessori Philosophy was developed by Dr. Maria Montessori.  Born in 1817 in Ancona, Italy, Dr. Montessori became the first female physician in Italy in 1896.  She opened her first Children’s House (referred to as a Casa de Bambini) in January of 1907 to test her child development theories.  Her theories were founded from the idea that education is an aide to life and all education starts at birth.  All who come in contact with a child are the teachers of that child.  She soon discovered that children have three inner teachers that guide and grow the child’s personality: an Absorbent Mind, Human Tendencies and Sensitive Periods.  Together with these inner teachers, Dr. Montessori grouped children based on their respective Plane of Development.  It is why the Primary program houses children from age 3 to 6.


The Planes of Development are a series of re-births that span from birth to maturity.  Each plane lasts approximately 6 years and ends around 24 years of age and each is uniquely different.  Within each plane various physical, mental, social and spiritual abilities manifest themselves.  Two 3-year sub-planes create each plane.  The first sub-plane is a period of dramatic change and construction.  The second sub-plane is one of crystallization of impressions from the first sub-plane.  Dr. Montessori noted that the planes correspond to physical growth and changes; thus the development is a series of re-births: one psychic personality ends and another begins.

Plane One is from birth to six years of age and is the most critical for the child.

philosophy3Physically: The child goes through rapid physical growth; the child starts from no movement to sitting, crawling, walking, running; more controlled of all movements of his body; his hands are the instrument to the brain.

Intellectually: The child’s brain is developing his intelligence; language is his most significant feat—spoken by 2 ½, just need to correct irregularities; and then he can read and write by end of the plane.

Socially: The child must understand the concept of the “I”/”me” stage before he can grasp the “we”/”us” phase.  So initially, the child only cares about himself in his environment, and then by the time he reaches the second sub-plane, usually by 4 ½ years, he is able to be truly aware of others and want to work with others.

Spiritually: It is the foundation for basic trust and security.


The way the child’s brain takes in, combines or merges into a way of thinking and feeling; impressions do not enter his mind; they form it.  The Absorbent Mind allows the child to absorb impressions of his environment that are instantaneous, exact and indelible.  The child absorbs tirelessly; effortlessly and without discrimination.  The child’s brain works in this manner from birth to six and will never return.


Deep-seeded urges, driving forces or inner-guiding instincts that stimulate the individual to actions that are in line with his desire to reach a specific goal and that is to fulfill all of his potentials within the social settings where he can find himself.  These tendencies manifest themselves as needs.  They are universal, unchanging and inherited.  We all have Human Tendencies all of our lives; we focus on these eleven tendencies as they are the most relevant of the child from birth to six.  They are:


Blocks of time in a child’s life where he or she is extremely receptive to learning and absorbing a specific character trait or shows marked development in one particular area.  They are transitory and confined to the acquisition of a determined characteristic.  Once this has evolved the corresponding sensibility disappears.  Every characteristic is established by the help of an impulse, of a transient sensibility which lasts over a limited period of growth.

All have the same 4 similar character traits:

  • gradual starting point, a peak and then a decline
  • once the Sensitive Period has passed, it has passed—the child cannot come into this period again, even if it has not been used
  • they can all be at work at the same time—some are—but very rarely do they peak at the same time
  • universal among all children

In the Montessori Classroom, a well-planned, meticulously prepared and inviting environment is created that fosters and respects these inner teachers of the child and lets the child freely develop into his own person.  Our greatest challenge as educators is giving the child what he needs at the right moment as we want the fully developed child to help create a better future.

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