IMA Green School

“Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.”


In the Spring of 2013, IMA adopted 10 goals to help us build a ‘green’ school.  Our Green Initiative was researched, written and impassioned by Emmanuelle Schwarz, a former Classroom Assistant, a passionate ambassador of the Earth and a good friend to IMA!

Below, find a list of 10 goals for a greener IMA. Our guiding principle is for the interactions between the children and their environment to be consistent with the Montessori philosophy which embodies holistic qualities.


  1. Maintain a Green and Sustainable Supply List

  2. Implement a No Waste Lunch

  3. Coordinate a No Waste Organic Snack

  4. Collect and Create Heirloom Seed Bank Annually in October

  5. Uphold Green Cleaning

  6. Continue to Use Green Classroom Material

  7. Conserve Green School Events

  8. Future Green Building: A Look at Materials, Energy and Water

  9. Preserve Greening our Outside Time

  10. Official Change to Our Mission Statement

With the help and guidance of Mrs. Schwarz, IMA implemented the above ten principles in the school in 2013/14.  They have had a profound effect our team and the children in our care.  We continue to strive to not only uphold the goals set in place, but also to reevaluate ways we can further expand our green school goals.  We are thrilled at the success we’ve had and look forward to continuing with our IMA Green School!