IMA Team


“Whoever touches the life of the child touches the most sensitive point of a whole which has roots in the most distant past and climbs toward the infinite future.”


We are a team of dedicated Montessorians!  We are honored to spend our days with children who experience tremendous growth and leadership while in our care.  All children have a natural love for learning, a motivation to master skills and a remarkable gift of kindness to those around them.  Read below and discover what enthralls us about a Montessori Education:


BA Psychology of Human Development and Sociology
Ball State University
AMS Certification
Seton Institute

“There are so many, many things I love about Montessori!  One of the main things that I love is that Montessori education encompasses the whole child.  Children in the Montessori environment learn and develop so many skills and attributes that are beyond that of academic education (which is extraordinary in and of itself!).  Montessori education fosters the child’s independence, self-esteem, and confidence.  This is all done in addition to learning how to communicate, problem solve, and develop grace and courtesies.  Maria Montessori even acknowledged the need for children to develop spiritually as well.  One of the joys in working in the Montessori environment comes from watching children show kindness, maturity, and the ability to think for themselves.  I love that the Montessori environment allows children to develop their full potential as a whole being.”

Directress, Lilac Classroom

Infant/Toddler Child Development Associate Certification
AMI Primary Certification in Training
Montessori Institute of North Texas (MINT)

“I love the Montessori learning environment! The child-centered environment allows children to grow and learn at their own pace and to work independently or with a friend. The teachers act as a guide, helping them along their learning journey without interrupting the process. They are always there to help when needed. I love seeing the children fully engaged in their work and seeing them help one another. They are all so willing to help each other succeed!

Directress, Magnolia Classroom

Business Administration
Silicon Valley University
AMS Certification
Columbus Montessori Education Center

“From the first time I was introduced to Montessori, over 18 years ago, I could not imagine doing anything else. The approach is such a mindful and respectful way to educate children, not as a student but as a human being. Montessori allows the child to experience, explore, and learn to love on their own. To be able to foster a child in making life-long connections is an amazing privilege I witness every day!”

 Classroom Assistant, Aftercare Program

“What I like about Montessori is every day is different. The kids can work on any subject in the room for as long as they wish, as well as decide if they would like to work alone or work with a friend. I also like that they can freely travel around the room or choose to observe a working friend.”

Directress, Toddler Community

AMI Assistance to Infancy Training
Washington Montessori Institute

Directress, Azalea Classroom
and Head of School

BBA, Human Resources Management
Eastern Michigan University
AMI Primary Certification
Montessori Institute of Milwaukee

“My love of Montessori comes from the moments we witness on a daily basis with the children.  There is a sense of peace and calmness that the children exhibit when they have mastered something on their own.  We witness intense levels of concentration for a child of 3-6.  We watch them transform from 3 year olds just establishing their first steps toward independence and yearning for more who later transform into 6 year olds that are confident, mature, well-mannered, helpful, and ready to learn even more than what they have already mastered.  We are so fortunate to witness this tremendous growth.  It is a love of this environment and the children who come here, for me, that grows deeper each year that I am with them!”

Classroom Assistant, Azalea Classroom

Currently Studying Animation and Design

“What I love the most about Montessori is the truly applicable nature of the lessons we teach the children. Coming from a public school background, so often I felt like I was being given busy work or assignments I would never need or use again. At Montessori, each of the lessons is so specifically created to help the children learn lessons that will aid them as they grow, like concentration, or precision, or balance. Nothing is simply to meet a quota or keep them busy. I think that is something singularly remarkable about our school, and I’m so glad to be a part of it!”

Classroom Assistant

MS Campaign Management
George Washington University
BA Political Science
Florida Atlantic University

“There are so many things I like about Montessori education and how it has impacted my kids and our family.  I think my favorite part was watching how each of my 3 children blossomed during their Kindergarten year.  For my oldest child, she gained an enormous amount of confidence, came out of her shell of being really shy, and started to get very sure of herself and her abilities.  We can try to give our children confidence all day, every day but it is through them “doing” that they really gain confidence.
For my middle child, who had plenty of confidence already, was able to test out her leadership skills her kindergarten year.  She really enjoyed being asked to help the younger students in the class and assisted in a very caring and kind way.  I also enjoyed watching her work hard to be able to do some of the lessons that she watched older kids in the class master in prior years…she was ready to master those lessons she had been eying and observing for some time and finally had the skills to try them.  This is where she learned to be determined and steadfast on her own, by choice.
My third and “baby” of the family gained an enormous amount of maturity his kindergarten year.  As an older kid in the class he started to notice and mention to me younger students lacking maturity and realized his role in the classroom to lead in a mature manner.  One day I happened to be in the classroom and witnessed a first year student ask him to be a leader in a work she wanted to do, and he patiently waited while she got all of her words out slowly and shyly in asking him and then he said “yes” even though it was probably not his first choice on what he wanted to do that day.  He understood his role and he was happy to be apart of the classroom community as an older student.
The importance of kids feeling like they have a role in their family, classrooms, and community will forever give them place and social connection.  No one feels alone when they feel apart of something and we all learned that as a family through Montessori education.”

Classroom Assistant, Aftercare Program

Associate’s Degree
Computer Science

“What I love about Montessori is hard to summarize in a few words. It’s the witnessing of what I love to describe as the three L’s. Montessori environments are filled with moments of love, laughter and learning. Everyday I am in awe of the children’s love of learning a new lesson; laughter resonating as the children work collectively together on a group activity and love affectionately displayed comforting or assisting their fellow classmates. Life lessons learned for a promising future generation.”

Photography courtesy of Blayze Photos.