• Social Development in the Elementary Classroom One of the most exciting experience for an educator is to witness how and to which extent the children are able to learn and grow on a social level. In the elementary years Maria Montessori used the term “2nd plane characteristics” to describe the human development at the ages […]

  • HOW DOES MY CHILD LEARN TO READ? Montessori takes a methodical yet natural process to help your children learn to read. Here are our basic steps in the classroom: Sound Games Sandpaper Letters Moveable Alphabet Object Box #1 Puzzle Words Object Box #2 The Function of Words Word Study Reading Analysis Reading begins with sounds. […]

  • Schools of choice have been a theme for a few decades now in education so I’m conscious daily that you have choices and I celebrate that you’ve selected Montessori.  As a parent who immediately enrolled her adopted daughters in Montessori, a wife who scheduled her husband to observe a Montessori classroom during our honeymoon, and a […]

  • The Movable Alphabet Writing is easier than reading. When writing, one expresses one’s own thoughts; therefore, it naturally comes first. When someone is writing that person analyzes the sounds of his own words. When we are reading we are analyzing someone else’s thoughts and words, which is naturally harder to do. The Movable Alphabet is a large box […]

  • The Pink Tower The Pink Tower is a signature work of the Montessori materials—instantly recognized—but has deep meaning and value to the classroom. The scientific design of the material is that they are ten pink wooden cubes ranging from 1 cm3 to 10 cm3. They grow progressively in the algebraic series of the third power. As wit most […]