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The Montessori prepared environment provides practical life activities, sensorial, language and mathematics curriculum.  How do you incorporate the same Montessori principles in your home?

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Montessori Education and Philosophy

Montessori education follows a child’s natural ability to learn. Discover 8 Principles of Montessori Education, the Montessori Philosophy, Approach and take a look inside the Classroom.

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Montessori Education founded by Dr. Maria Montessori in 1907

Welcome to Indiana Montessori Academy!

Indiana Montessori Academy is accredited through the Association Montessori Internationale (AMI), and we are the only school in the Indianapolis area to have this certification.

Indiana Montessori Academy’s school environment is a wonderful opportunity for your child’s start on his/her educational journey. Giving your child a Montessori education is a gift you and your child will embrace now, during his/her primary school years, as well as for many years to come.  Over 100 years ago, Dr. Maria Montessori viewed education as an aide to life.  At Indiana Montessori Academy (IMA), children foster, develop and build many life-long skills including:

  • A love of learning
  • The ability to concentrate (focus) on the task at hand
  • The ability to think for him/herself (independence)
  • A solid foundation of development: socially, academically, and emotionally
  • A strong sense of community

Following your child’s natural ability to learn, Indiana Montessori Academy allows him/her the unique opportunity to achieve these life-long milestones.  Through his/her experience and education, the child is creating our future.

IMA is located in the heart of the Village of WestClay in Carmel, Indiana (a suburb of Indianapolis) and lovingly partners with families in Carmel, Westfield, Zionsville, Indianapolis, Fishers and surrounding areas. 

Interested in learning more about Indiana Montessori Academy?  We invite you to come see these young members of our community in action.  Come visit our school by scheduling a tour or observation. 

You can reach Indiana Montessori Academy:


Montessori Education and Philosophy

Are you considering a Montessori Education for your child? This is a terrific video providing great insight into a Montessori classroom.


Montessori Thoughts

Schools of choice have been a theme for a few decades now in education so I’m conscious daily that you have choices and I celebrate that you’ve selected Montessori.  As a parent who immediately enrolled her adopted daughters in Montessori, a wife who scheduled her husband to observe a Montessori classroom during our honeymoon, and a […]

I M A writer

The Movable Alphabet Writing is easier than reading. When writing, one expresses one’s own thoughts; therefore, it naturally comes first. When someone is writing that person analyzes the sounds of his own words. When we are reading we are analyzing someone else’s thoughts and words, which is naturally harder to do. The Movable Alphabet is a large box […]