I M A writer

The Movable Alphabet

Writing is easier than reading. When writing, one expresses one’s own thoughts; therefore, it naturally comes first. When someone is writing that person analyzes the sounds of his own words. When we are reading we are analyzing someone else’s thoughts and words, which is naturally harder to do.

The Movable Alphabet is a large box containing all of the letters of the English alphabet. Vowels are blue, consonants are red or pink. This color-coding corresponds to the sandpaper letters, with which the child has had much experience. The Movable Alphabet encourages the child to write, using the sounds that she knows. We are very clear in using the term write, rather than spell, because writing is what the focus is on, not spelling. Words that are written with the Movable Alphabet are never corrected.

Since the words have come from the child, she is more likely to attempt to read them back usually before she begins any other form of phonetic reading work. The Movable Alphabet teaches the child that she can express herself through written language. Its beauty is that the cumbersome mechanics of writing and the parameters of proper spelling are not present, so that the child is free to truly express her ideas with out criticism or obstacle.


 Direct Preparation for Writing

 Help the child in exploration and analysis of his own language

 Reproduce words with graphic symbols


 Indirect preparation for reading